VR+TV domains

How Virtual Reality Might Change TV Shows Thanks to virtual reality, our TV fantasies are becoming a bit more attainable. In fact, if you’re a Game

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Adult domains

What is “Adult” or “Mature” Content? The question of what constitutes lewd, pornographic, adult, etc. content has been around forever and is very difficult to

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“Arabic domains”

Wiki: The standard definition of the Arab world comprises the 22 countries and territories of the Arab League. These Arab states occupy an area stretching

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VR Music domains

SoundStage is an amazing VR music studio for the HTC Vive The future of electronic music production? .. and just music related one

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Spatial cameras

Spatial, panoramic or facet cameras ?   With the advent of virtual reality and the rising interest in 360 video, it’s no surprise that 360-degree

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Synthetic Food

Synthetic Food – out near future, End of  War between Vegans and Cornivors ! StarWars:  Synthefood was artificial foodstuffs created by food synthesization plants. They

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Human cyber parts

7 real-life human cyborgs See how bionic technology has enhanced people’s lives with everything from robotic limbs to electronic eyes.

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