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How Virtual Reality Might Change How You Buy Cars

Virtual Reality is making its way to the dealership, the design studio, and even into your homes, as more and more automakers look to innovative technology to help sell, advertise and design their cars .

An Immersive Dealership Experience

One way VR can make the biggest splash is at the dealership. We all know that dealerships can be a den of spoiled dreams: You go in looking for a car to call your own and they try to upsell you on something that isn’t what you originally had in mind. From model to car color, to available option packages and extra cost add-ons, sometimes it can feel like a dealership is just trying to sell you what they have, instead of what you want.

But Audi is allowing you to pick and choose your dream car and see it with your own eyes before dropping the money down, thanks to new virtual reality technology. Imagine you get to see the car you want, right in front of you, where you can decide if that color combination of interior and exterior is right for you. If the car isn’t to your taste, you can change the colors on the fly or maybe pick new wheels. This allows for more detail and control than you could ever expect compared to the usual build-a-car section of an automaker’s website.


Navion projects your route onto the road via hologram

There are heads-up displays out there already that project things like speed or turn-by-turn directions on the windshield. Some of them come directly from the manufacturer, some of them are aftermarket add-ons, but none of them incorporate augmented reality like the upcoming Navion system from WayRay will.

Rather than throwing little left-turn arrows up in your field of vision, Navion projects holographic arrows that follow the road in front of you and then onto the road where you need to turn left. There’s no need to look at the navigation screen in the center console to figure out if the robot voice who pronounces everything wrong is telling you to take this left coming up right now or the next one. Navion will just run those green arrows along the correct path right in front of your eyeballs. No headset required.

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