Fighting Games and VR domains


I remember the first time I got to play a fighting game. It was a Saturday morning and my parents took me and a friend to the mall and gave us a few tokens to go and play in the Arcade.

When we were at the Arcade one of the Arcade machined stood up to us the most because there was a big line of kids waiting to play it. Interested at what the other kids are standing in line for we went to check it out, it was an Arcade Tekken machine.

So me and my friend decided to wait in line as well and play the machine although we had no idea what was that game or how to play it.

After a few minutes it was our turn to play and we decided to play against each other, we started to mash random buttons as fast as we could to try and best each other because we thought that’s how you play the game. Then some older kids explained to us that each button is dedicated to a different kind of attack and combining different buttons will make our fighter perform various attacks. Intrigued by what we just learned we wanted to play more and get better. And so, we wasted all our tokens on the Tekken Arcade Machine and we didn’t care because we enjoyed every minute of it (Including the waiting line which we used to talk to other kids to learn new attacks and combos).

Present days

Jumping to the present day, the only recent fighting game I played is Mortal Kombat X which by itself is a great game that has a lot of interesting characters and unique features like fatalities and brutalities that most fighting games don’t have. Yet it isn’t that different from that Tekken Arcade game I played more then 12 years earlier. Sure it has a huge graphics upgrade compared to the Arcade game with more ways to play it like online/ranked play, but they are still the same 1v1 side camera angle fighting games that you need to combo your unique abilities to best your opponent.

And the reason I think it hasn’t changed so much is because we still play it the same way, with a joystick or a controller looking at a screen from the same unchangeable angle all the time. While we already had some first person fighting games that let us experience things from different angle like Wii Sports Boxing, today we can take it to the next level with VR.

Imagine the options that VR can provide for this kind of genre – Why control your fighter when you can be your fighter? VR can take what Wii started and bring it to the next level, you can be your fighter and posses inhuman strength and abilities and use them to fight other people or AI.

Putting a VR headset being able to perform a fatalities on an opponent must be extra brutal and exciting and the same time when in VR compared to just pressing a button and watching and animation.


Virtual Reality gets bigger by the minute, and with it endless options of improving our video games or even our everyday life. Virtual Reality fighting games much more immersive and fun for the users and would be an overall change for the best and a big step into the future of gaming.

Domain names for VR fighting games