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In average gamers spend around 15 hours a week playing games but that doesn’t include all the time spend on watching streams, videos, exchanging tips and strategies on various forums with other fellow freaks and geeks.
So why would people spend time watching other freaks play video games instead playing themselves you ask?

There are several reasons why people choose to use popular streaming websites like Twitch or broadcasting and video sharing websites like Youtube more than ever before. Most people are just looking for entertainment and feel like they are “hanging out” with their favorite streamers and Youtubers. It makes them feel like they are playing the game with a friend and sharing the experience along side him, being able to communicate and interact with him through the game.
There are other minor reasons why people choose to watch stream or videos like: they don’t have the game and want to see how it plays,  they are not sure if they want to get the game so they use the video as a review, getting better at a game by watching someone better then you play it and learn from them.

While people use forums like reddit to discuss strategies, share their experience with the game or just to find people to play with, the focus has shifted toward video streaming and youtube because people prefer to interact and feel like they are sharing an experience with someone else.

Another big reason people watch streams and videos and even going as far as buying a ticket to watch the show live and in person instead of a screen is Esports.
Esports were around for a while now but only started to rise to fame in the 2000’s When competitive video game with large fan bases like Counter strike and League of Legends were a huge success. Recognizing its potential a lot of big organizations(Coca Cola, Razer, Redbull and a lot more) started to sponsor Esports events and teams.

In 2015’s League of Legends annual worlds championship 15,000 Tickets were sold out in 1.5 minutes, There were over 334 million unique viewers everyday of the competition in its live stream on twitch, and in the finals over 34 million fans were watching the stream at the same time. The 16 teams that made it to the world championship were fighting for a 2.1 $ million prize pool and for being crowned the best in the world. And that isn’t even that big of a prize pool compared to another Esports game called Dota in its 2016 worlds championship prizepool of over 20 Million dollars!

One way to make streaming events like this even more interactive and fun for the viewers is VR. Since there are a lot of people that enjoy Esports but not enough tickets for everyone, with Virtual Reality you might be able to just put a VR headset on and be right there at the event, cheering for you team and watching the games like you were there. The ultimate solution for VR freaks and  geeks !

Nadav K.