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From Shadow boxing to Sparring VR

We are all familiar with one of the most iconic moments in movies which is Rocky’s Shadow boxing in the training montage.
Shadow boxing is a real life training method that MMA fighters and Boxers use, mainly to prepare muscles before a fight. Shadow boxing can also be used to help a fighter simulate a fight so he would know how a fight might go and how he can/wants to react.
But today, with the ever advancing technology, why imagine a fight when you can simulate a real life fight through computers?
While it is true that video games featuring Boxing or even MMA fighting have been around for years if not decades, but its only recently when we developed the technology to put the controller/keyboard aside, put on a virtual headset and be in a complete different reality, one where we might be a Boxing champion, a Waiter or even a Cat.
With Virtual reality there is no need to shadow box when you can put a headset on and fight a real opponent. Granted you won’t actually get beat or feel pain but neither will you with shadow boxing.
Being a Boxing and MMA fan myself and practicing Judo and MMA for years I cannot be more exited for having the ability to go into the Virtual world and start Sparring with a computer AI, a friend, a famous MMA fighter, or with a grizzly bear – when we are in the virtual world apposed to the actual world, the possibilities are unlimited.
With VR becoming more and more potent in the industry, soon things like SparringVR will be a reality.

I can see that not in the distant future virtual sparring can and will be used to teach people martial arts, you will be able to attend a lesson from a human master or an AI and then test your new acquired skills on other people or even your friends.

Challenging a friend to spar with you in the virtual world might sound decades away or something straight from a sci-fi movie but it’s practically here already, Virtual reality headsets already being used for a lot of different purposes, from gaming to medical purposes. VR is here and will continue developing and growing with technology and with our needs as human beings, whether it is to train surgeons in medical schools or sparring with a grizzly bear it can be done with virtual reality.

Nadav K.

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